A sincere Thank You! to Alex Carson for his interesting and informative presentation, “How to Develop Ideas that Sell in the Fashion Accessories Category!”. And thanks to all inventors who attended, and for the excellent question-and-answer session that followed! To learn more about Alex’s company — PTI Group — and how he can help yours, please visit Read More →

A sincere Thank You! to Michele Rutledge for her interesting and informative presentation, “Learn How to Shut Up and Listen!”. A copy of her presentation is now available for online viewing: Here. To learn more about Michele’s organization — Gateway Venture Mentoring Service — and how she can help yours, please visit her website at gvms.ite-stl.org.

We hope to see you at the Inventors’ Association’s next meeting — Thursday, September 3 2015 @ Venture Café! At this month’s meeting, come to network with like-minded individuals and learn techniques to… Present Your Great Idea, and then Shut Up & Listen!! Michele Rutledge, Executive Director of Gateway Venture Mentoring Service will share techniques Read More →

In many respects, common sense dictates the course of action necessary to bring a product from concept to prototype. Nevertheless, it is easy to become sidetracked with extraneous matters related to the protection and eventual sales of a product and let the prototyping process become compromised. Upon conception, patent counsel should be retained in order Read More →