We hope to see you at the next meeting of the Inventors’ Association of St. Louis — Thursday, January 4, 2018!

At this meeting, IASL is proud to host keynote speakers Mike Pruett and Jun Fabella, who will lead our group through the process of development and licensing NEW MEDICAL PRODUCTS!

The field of medical products & devices has been one of the most LUCRATIVE areas of invention in modern times! Whether starting out the process of bringing a new medical invention to market, or continuing the promotion of your existing product, you WILL NOT want to miss miss this educational presentation!

Please note that this meeting will be at the VENTURE CAFE! See Details Below.


About Mike Pruett —

E. Michael Pruett is the co-founder and Co-CEO of DYNALABS, which he founded with a vision to improve patient outcomes.
As Co-CEO, Pruett has helped the company surpass its business goals through innovative process development and the use of leading-edge technologies. Today, DYNALABS is one of the fastest growing analytical testing labs in the Midwest. Pruett leads the legal, regulatory, and administrative functions of the company. He also manages investor relations and capital acquisitions.









About Jun Fabella —

Jun Fabella is the President and Managing Partner for GotThisIdea.com, where he is charged with executing the company’s vision of a future where healthcare partners can rely on DYNALABS for all their comprehensive lab testing needs

Fabella truly understands the unique value proposition DYNALABS provides. As a member of the company’s initial start-up team in 2003, he participated in crafting the company’s mission and vision. He also led the technical design, development, and implementation of the customer website, and developed the initial go-to-market strategy. These days, Jun is bringing his extensive skill set to bear on his latest project, GotThisIdea.com — a company that facilitates the connection of people who have ideas with those who either like those ideas or want to help bring ideas to fruition.


Before and after the keynote presentation, we anticipate another productive meet-and-greet, in which the St. Louis Inventor community can meet with Mike Pruett, Jun Fabella, and the IASL Directors.

My fellow Directors — who consist of leaders from their respective fields of invention, manufacturing, intellectual property law, research, finance, engineering, and marketing — are always eager to lend an ear or offer advice whenever needed. Please do not hesitate to reach out at the meeting, if you feel that one or more Directors can be of assistance! You can read the biographies of our Directors HERE.

Also, we expect a sizable turnout for this meeting, so the offline discussions and networking opportunities networking should be extra-special.


Meeting Location:
Venture Café @ The Cambridge Center
4240 Duncan Avenue | 2nd Floor
Saint Louis, Missouri 63110

Thursday, January 4, 2018
6:00pm-7:00pm – Networking
7:00pm-8:00pm – Main Event Discussion led by Mike Pruett, Jun Fabella
8:00pm-9:00pm – Meet & Greet with Mike Pruett, Jun Fabella, & Directors

Free, Ample Parking (park on the NE corner of the building). Enter on the NW corner.

Food & Beverage
Free Refreshments Provided.

For Our Full Calendar of Events and Directions, Please visit our Calendar Page.

Jim Mimlitz

About Jim Mimlitz

Board of Directors, Vice-President at Inventors Association of Saint Louis. Missouri Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer @ Navionics Research Inc./SCADAmetrics.

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